Just added a very circusy heavy curtain to #GSloft roof door. Will help keep in cool air, loud music.

04.19.14 ♥ 1

A visit to Florida never complete without petting this magnificent beast (and his twin brother).

04.16.14 ♥ 1

One more from earlier: a creepy-awesome Carnivale Maschera statue.

04.13.14 ♥ 0

Kwan Yin, goddess of mercy, probably 16th century.

04.13.14 ♥ 0

Stone lion and stoned lizard. Tiny Chinese garden in Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach.

04.13.14 ♥ 0

This is what “grilling” looks like in NYC.

04.07.14 ♥ 0

Among the guests at #SwingHouse last night: @ElonMusk.

04.06.14 ♥ 0

The one pic I got last night at #SwingHouse - the astounding @DelysiaLaChatte!

04.06.14 ♥ 0

Going to bed with makeup on. That kind of night. Thank you all for a perfect 6th Anniv #SwingHouse celebration!

04.06.14 ♥ 1

Serving my fave cocktail tonight: The Last Word. Eq parts gin, Maraschino, Chartreuse, lime. #SwingHouse #cocktails

04.05.14 ♥ 0